Portable Indirect Heat

Portable Indirect Heat

Need Heat? Rent or Buy our unique Frost Fighter heater.

Clean, Safe, Economical, High Capacity Heating anywhere you want it!

Meets OSHA Standards

  • Clean burning flame retention burner.
  • Vented burning for safe use in confined areas.
  • Independent fan and combustion air feeds ensure quick winter starts.
    No heated air led off for combustion or lost up the flue.
  • Service is a breeze.
  • Fast parts supply.

    Unlike a direct-fired heater, the Frost Fighter provides clean air, free from moisture and contaminated fumes. Quick connect ducts attach to the front cap outlets and enable the user to disburse the heated air over a large area, with an optional remote thermometer control for maintaining desired temperature levels.

    The Frost Fighter is portable and simple to operate - all parts have easy access for quick service and routine maintenance.

    With over 25 years of proven reliability and rugged durability even in extreme climates, the Frost Fighter continues to be a leader for temporary heating needs.

    Applications include:Specialty Groups Inc.
    • Concrete curing
    • Dehumidification & moisture control
    • Tent heating
    • Equipment preheating
    • Industrial painting & epoxy curing
    • Tank heating
    • Containment heating
    • Temporary heat for buildings

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