How to Cut Costs

How to Save Money on your Next Coating Project

Be flexible with your schedule.

If we can use your work to fill holes in our schedule you can expect to save 10 % or more.

Develop a clear, realistic specification

Ask us to help you. Don't ask for more than you need. Know your design life. Are you going to close or discontinue the use of an area, but want it painted for aesthetics? Tell us and we can design an economical short term fix that coincides with your schedule.

Are you going to use an area for a long time into the future?

Many times a little more money up front can give you an extremely long term, durable coating that is very economical when you look at square foot per year protection costs.

Need to brighten up an area for an event or special situation?

We can come up with a short term and extremely economical solution.

Do you just need aesthetic solutions?

Tell us its "Just for looks" and we can make it look good from a particular vantage point.

Realistically address potential overspray concerns.

Require your employees to park elsewhere, or supply car covers for them to use or schedule the work when no one is around. Costs to address overspray concerns can be enormous, but with a little cooperation from everyone they can be reduced greatly.

Ask us about sharing cost reductions.

Let us help you set a realistic budget as a target price and split the cost savings we can come up with on a 50/50 basis. This lets us be rewarded for our ingenuity and diligence in saving you money.

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