KYTC 101

KYTC 101

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) wanted to repaint 101 bridge structures on I-24 from Paducah to the Tennessee state line. The existing paint was still in fairly good condition but with marginal adhesion and KYTC wanted an inexpensive way to extend the life of these bridges. Calcium Sulfonate based coatings were a perfect choice for this project. There was a 2 year completion date for the project.

Specialty Groups, Inc. (SGI) challenge was to design a method to efficiently perform the work in a manner that would allow us to perform quality work and still make a profit. SGI price was substantially lower than the mid-range bidders (4,000,000 +).

How did we do it? Our experience with maintenance painting using overcoat systems on over 1,000 bridges gave us the experience and confidence to submit the winning bid.

We would contain and work on 5 to 6 bridges at a time so that we could shut down a lane for an extended length, sometimes for several miles. SGI's large fleet of equipment allowed us to have a fully equipped paint crew at each of the sites.

KYTC 101A special challenge was meeting KYTC's stringent Quality Control (QC) requirements. We had over 7 KYTC and 4 SGI inspectors on the job, and each bridge contained a minimum of nine hold points.

 The results? SGI completed the work in 1 painting season, greatly minimizing traffic closures, creating a much safer situation for the traveling public and saves KYTC thousands of dollars in inspection costs.

When we were done KYTC rated our company in several areas. SGI scored 4-5 ratings on a scale of 1-5. We received several comments from KYTC officials regarding how pleased they were with the results.
KYTC 101
Just imagine 101 bridges on a major highway with an ADT of 50,000, large trucks speeding past our containments at 60 + mph, thousands of feet of rigging cables, thousands of gallons of paint applied to 1,700,000 sq ft of surface, protecting the public and environment from lead based paint debris and overspray, working 24 hrs a day, seven days a week, and completing the project a year ahead of time with excellent satisfaction ratings without lost time accidents! Imagine what we can do for you

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