Concrete Repair & Steel Fabrication

Concrete Repair & Steel Fabrication
  • Piers and pads
  • Secondary containment systems
  • Repair concrete containment and floors
  • Fabricate custom stairways, walkways and platforms
  • Carbon fiber wrapping and reinforcement
  • Caulking and sealing
  • Expansion joints

Concrete and steel...we can help with that. We can fabricate and paint an elevated walkway or set of stairs or just about anything, and then form and pour the piers and supports for it.

Our customers asked for it and they got it. No need to arrange for a concrete contractor and a steel contractor and a paint contractor; one call does it all!

Our crews have installed miles of new expansion joints in bridges, parking garages and other structures. We have joints that can be driven over in minutes with huge elongation factors.

We can inject epoxy into detoriated concrete to strengthen it. We line concrete dikes, pits and other storage areas for your secondary containment issues.

We can apply sealers and recaulk just about any structure to protect them from water damage, including EFI, wood, siding, parapet areas, around windows, at construction joints, etc…

Areas of damaged concrete can be removed and repaired with quick set polymers and other solutions that can be back in service in an hour.

We can carbon fiber wrap beams, piers and other structures to strengthen them or seismic protect them.

Call SGI today for solutions to problem concrete!

Expansion Joints, Concrete Repair, and Caulking Services     Expansion Joints, Concrete Repair, and Caulking Services

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