Fire Proofing

Fire Proofing

Cementitious Fireproofing, Intumescent Coatings and Other Fire Control Measures

  • Carboline
  • 3-M Fire Stop
  • Jotun
  • International
  • Tank Legs
  • Tank Saddles
  • Tanks
  • Structural Steel Supports

Most fireproofing we install is required for regulatory compliance.

We feel that additional fireproofing is a very cheap insurance policy for your facilities. We've all seen the destruction and loss of life that fire brings. As soon as a hot fire hits support steel it will crumble and you'll lose anything that's elevated. It's a domino effect from there.

Technology has really moved forward in fireproofing and there are a lot of very good relatively inexpensive choices. Our crews have been trained in the latest techniques and technologies and we're ready to help you protect your facilities.


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