Spring has Sprung! 05-18-17

Spring has Sprung!

May 18, 2017


Time for our customers to get all their maintenance plans for the summer in place! 


We are ready to provide you with budget estimates and suggestions on how to make your facilities safer, cleaner and more efficient.


If you plan ahead and award your work early you can save a lot of money. Last-minute plans always cost a lot to execute and crews  can be hard to find.


And after the winter doldrums everyone always gets in a hurry and accidents can happen. So it's time to review safety procedures, and look over your facilities well for maintenance items that may have become neglected during the winter. 


Tell your people do not get into too much of a hurry with spring fever! Haste makes waste and causes accidents.


It's easy to get careless this time of year so be on guard.

In the rush to take advantage of the good weather we can get in a bit of too much of a hurry.


So call everyone together, remind them to double check all their gear and work carefully and deliberately and go home safe and sound every night.



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