June 01, 2016

Summertime is here!

Let's re-educate ourselves on safety.


The weather is turning warm, the lawnmowers are mowing and the cicadas are humming.  Wow!  Are those things loud or what?!


By the way, that's what the inside of mine and many other's heads sound like almost all the time.  It will absolutely drive you out of your mind.  

In my case, I know it's because I didn't wear adequate ear protection when I was young.  Don't do that!  When you're running a weedeater, chainsaw or anything that's loud, wear the proper ear protection.


It's easy to get careless this time of year, so be on guard!  In the rush to take advantage of the good weather, we can get in a bit too much of a hurry.  

Heat stroke can be a major problem.  Be careful and drink plenty of fluids.  Slow down before you get overheated.  Know and understand the symptoms of heat stroke.  Don't hesitate to get medical attention immediately.


On the technical side, paint does a lot of weird things when the temperature and humidity are high.  A lot of adjustments need made and that's what you hire professionals like Specialty Groups for.



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